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Francis A. Schaeffer Studies at Southeastern: Francis A. Schaeffer Society

Information on the unique resources and opportunities at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary supporting the study of Francis A. Schaeffer's life, work, and thought.

The Society

Students, faculty, and other members of the Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary (SEBTS) community interested in learning more about Francis A. Schaeffer are encouraged to participate in the Francis A. Schaeffer Society at Southeastern. The Society promotes the study of Francis A. Schaeffer, his published works, and collection thereby equipping participants to analyze current cultural beliefs, practices, and their logical conclusions, in order to juxtapose them against the Biblical Christian worldview. It also serves to connect members of the Southeastern community who share an interest in apologetics, evangelism, and challenging cultural presuppositions.

For more information, contact Bruce A. Little at or 919-761-2142.

Upcoming Events

Contact Carrie Kelly at if you are interested in receiving information about future Francis A. Schaeffer Society events.

Past Discussions and Society Events

Francis A. Schaeffer Society Lecture with C. Christopher Hook, MD
Lecture and Discussion
Friday, October 14, 2016
Patterson Hall, Room 223
7:00 PM

Dr. Christopher Hook delivered a lecture entitled, "Medical Killing: A Practical and Ethical Assessment of Physician Assisted Suicide and Euthanasia."

In recent decades centuries old prohibitions against physicians deliberately killing their patients have been overturned by laws permitting physician assisted suicide and/or euthanasia in several countries, including the Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland and most recently Canada, and several states in the United States.  Many other US states have proposed legislation or public referenda before them to similarly permit physician assisted suicide.  This session explored the major arguments for and against medical killing via ethical analysis and where possible using data from the experience in those jurisdictions which have permitted these acts.

An Evening with Udo Middelmann
Lecture and Discussion
Friday, April 8, 2016
Patterson Hall, Room 223
7:00 PM

Udo Middelmann delivered a lecture on "Recovering the Fundamentals and Freedoms in the Bible." Taking an illustration from New York skyscrapers, he built a case that Christians should occupy the whole structure, from basement to roof garden. He encouraged attendees to benefit from the solid foundations to move higher for free and delightful views all around and to sharpen the Christian Mind to delight in the forms and freedoms God has, by his nature, included in creation and mandated for the life of all human beings. Listeners were also challenged to better understand how a consideration of both form and freedom in the Christian view of reality lets us move out of the basement and keeps us from falling out of the upper windows.

Engaging the Post-Christian Mind for the Gospel
Lecture and Discussion
Monday, March 14, 2016
Patterson Hall, Room 223
7:00 PM - 8:30 PM

The Francis A. Schaeffer Society at Southeastern is hosted a lecture on “Engaging the Post-Christian Mind for the Gospel.” The event started with a 30 minute lecture by Dr. Bruce Little followed by a time of discussion. Participants considered the challenges of speaking Truth to the Post-Christian mind and possible ways to overcome those challenges.

Society Discussion
Monday, November 16, 2015
Patterson Hall, Third Floor (Room 309)
7:00 PM

Members of the society met for their inaugural small group discussion on Monday, November 16 at 7:00 PM on the third floor of Patterson Hall.

The subject of our discussion was: Speaking to the Post-Christian Mind in Light of Schaeffer’s Apologetic. The evening started with a discussion of a two chapters of the book Fool's Talk by Os Guinness and went on to address Schaeffer’s idea of the mannishness of man by which he says he means that “man has a longing for significance, love, the motions of reality, that man is logical and rational and has capacity for communication. Man is a true person, he is not a machine as naturalism had made him.”

To sign up to receive information on the next Society discussion please contact Carrie Kelly at

Francis A. Schaeffer Society Lectures

Greg Pritchard discusses the enduring legacy and example of Francis A. Schaeffer by sharing some of his personal interactions with Schaeffer and discussing some of the defining aspects of Schaeffer's thought and personality that most influenced him.

Bruce Little provides an historical overview of Francis A. Schaeffer's groundbreaking lectures at Wheaton College and explores the key aspects of Schaeffer's thought that were introduced to a wider audience through those lectures.

Bill Youngmark provides an overview of the history of the Francis A. Schaeffer Papers at Southeastern and explains how researchers can plan for a research visit.